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Specialty coffee place with finest arabica beans, freshly roasted and prepared by skilled baristas for your enjoyment. We take our coffee seriously, because your enjoyment in a perfect cup of espresso, cappuccino or latte is our primary goal. On top of that, we play some really cool music, always welcome you with a smile and serve some delicious tea, handmade cookies, croissants and some cool craft beer.  


As proud members of the Specialty Coffee Associations of Europe and Serbia we always strive to provide the best coffee experience possible – from procuring the best arabica beans (single and blend) to actual coffee making we abide by the highest standards in the industry. Coupled with our passion for coffee making and drinking, we always aim to give our loving customers the true #uzitak in every single cup we serve. 


Fresh fruits and vegetables, squeezed on spot upon your order always are there to provide the necessary daily vitamin boost. That is precisely why our carrot, ginger, orange & apple mix is titled #zdravozivo – uplifting & healthy. Or, you can just choose to keep your taste buds alive through a selection of finest teas and infusions we have on disposal: oriental, spicy, fruity, rich and colourful .


Comfort bites are always the best bites – and our cookies are no exception to this rule. Handmade from best Belgian chocolate, coupled with cranberries, hazelnuts or espresso, these tiny heavenly bites are perfect compliment to any cup of coffee or tea we can serve. Also, they are always fresh and should be consumed at any hour of the day. Seriously, any time is a good time for a cookie!


Is there a better way to kick-start your #afterwork hours than getting a smooth craft beer with your friends? We think not! The infamous Kabinet brewery regular stocks our shelves with their amazingly designed & super tasty beers that can offer much needed relaxation and a piece of mind after a tough day in the office. Or during the weekend. Or any other day that is not particularly tough…



















Want to hear the best part about our coffees? They can all be ordered for take away! This means that our perfectly smooth cappuccino can be yours en route to work, University or a perfect match for a walking date – just let our barista know that you wish to take your #uzitak cup on the go, and voila – our coffee can go places, with you, next to you, keeping you warm and energised.


Local tradition of drinking “Turkish” coffee in the morning or in the afternoon has been upgraded with our home blend specifically made for home brewing, traditional style. We mixed amazing Brazil arabica (80%) with some dark and creamy Parchment robusta beans (20%) to make the Traditional Uzitak blend you can buy and prepare at home. 


Our coffee and skilled baristas can also became a small but integral part of your event – if you want our smooth cappuccinos and killer espressos to compliment and boost your party, gathering or a special event, just let us know via email and we send our special #uzitak truck to the address, brew some delicious coffee on spot and provide the finest caffein that your guests need and want. 


Mon-Fri: 07:00 – 21:00

Sat: 09:00 – 17:00

Sun: 09:00-17:00

Hilandarska 4

Belgrade / SERBIA


INSTA: @uzitak_coffeeplace 

FB: UzitakCoffeePlace